Camp Calendar

You’re in luck! By signing up for Camp Gan Israel, you are enrolling your child in a sports camp, crafting camp, swimming camp, outdoors camp, and of course, a Jewish camp.

Camp is like a snowflake in that no two days of CGI are the same. What follows is a small taste of what you can expect from a day in CGI.

With a smile you’ll be greeted

As you enter CGI

Singing songs at lineup

Of excercise and Jewish pride

Then you’ll dive in and explore

The sea of Jewish learning

For electives you will choose

Art, cooking, sports, or wood turning

After a tasty snack

You’ll head off for sports

Then some quality time with your bunk

With activities of all sorts

Some lunch to keep you satisfied

Before you jump into the pool

Followed by an exciting event

An activity awesome and cool!

Before you even know it

You’ll be saying goodbye to your friends

As another fantastic, stupendous day

At Camp Gan Israel ends

Calender Sample